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DW Logistics and Linehaul Logistics: A Strong Partnership in the Transportation Industry


By Greg Brown
Vice President of Operations at Linehaul Logistics, Inc.
Feb 9, 2023

DW Logistics, a small trucking company, has formed a strong partnership with Linehaul Logistics, a reputable freight brokerage firm.

In a recent conversation, Pat Rappa from DW Logistics shared why they are in the transportation industry and what they appreciate about Linehaul Logistics. "We are in transportation to provide America with quality on-time transportation and to keep the country running," stated Pat.

When asked what they like most about Linehaul, Pat replied, "Linehaul excels at providing consistent and constant communication in a friendly and professional manner. Their ability to maintain the highest quality of service every time sets the bar for all other competition."

Pat also highly recommends Linehaul Logistics to others in the industry. "I would absolutely recommend Linehaul. Providing peace of mind in certainty of load, great rates, and flexibility in ensuring both your company and the customer are satisfied," they explained.

The people at Linehaul are what make Pat the happiest while working with them. "What surprises us the most or makes us the happiest while working with Linehaul is the people. Working in freight everything is fluid and subject to change in an instant. Having people passionate about what we do and empathetic to the situations that arise out on the road makes a world of difference," stated Pat Rappa from DW Logistics.

In conclusion, DW Logistics and Linehaul Logistics have formed a successful partnership in the transportation industry. With Linehaul's commitment to quality and consistency and DW Logistics' dedication to providing quality on-time transportation, they have achieved mutual success and growth.

Published on 3/10/2023 (1 years 131 days ago)