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When you need it there on time everytime, Linehaul Logistics has you covered!

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Linehaul Logistics Inc. - Missoula MT

PO BOX 8128 MISSOULA, MT 59807 | (406) 542-5002


Trust your logistical needs through the professionals at LineHaul.

Our people are truly the best in the industry facilitating our reputation and delivering industry leading precision on every load. LineHaul’s focus is firmly on refining and defining precision as we deliver transportation services.


Every load managed by LineHaul is covered by our standby cargo and liability insurance. Through its superior credit rating, quick pay options, and general reputation for fair dealing, LineHaul commands the very best in its drivers and Carriers.




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From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Success: The Story of LineHaul Logistics, Inc.

LineHaul Logistics, Inc was founded on May 9th, 2003 by Stuart Looney, the former CFO of Bitterroot International Trucking. Looney left Bitterroot due to its bankruptcy and...


From Two Trucks to Eight: How LineHaul Logistics Partnered with God Grace Logistics for Rapid Growth

LineHaul Logistics, a freight brokerage in the United States, has been in partnership with God Grace Logistics, a trucking company, for just over two years. This partnership...


DW Logistics and Linehaul Logistics: A Strong Partnership in the Transportation Industry

DW Logistics, a small trucking company, has formed a strong partnership with Linehaul Logistics, a reputable freight brokerage firm.In a recent conversation, Pat Rappa from DW...


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