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From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Success: The Story of LineHaul Logistics, Inc.


By Greg Brown | Linehaul Logistics

LineHaul Logistics, Inc was founded on May 9th, 2003 by Stuart Looney, the former CFO of Bitterroot International Trucking. Looney left Bitterroot due to its bankruptcy and started LineHaul with a few customers from his previous employer. The company's first office was located at 430 Ryman St in Missoula, MT, and eventually moved to 500 Higgins. In the early years, the company's standard operating procedures included only hauling flatbed freight, with no dry van or reefers, no west coast freight, and no repeat carriers. They utilized Keystone Technologies as a Transportation Management system and relied heavily on manual processes such as hand-writing rate confirmations and faxing onboarding packets.

Linehaul Corporate Office


Over the span of 13 years under Looney's leadership, LineHaul Logistics averaged 13 customers and $5.4 million in annual sales. The company had six employees back then, and according to their most tenured employee, Pat Jordan, the difference between then and now was like "night and day".

In June 2016, Jerrod Schmauch and Brian May purchased LineHaul Logistics from Stuart Looney. They brought new energy to the office, and Jordan recalls Schmauch telling the employees, "Let's just have some fun." One of the first changes made by the new owners was switching the transportation management software provider from Keystone to McLeod in July 2017. Although the process was slow at first, the switch ultimately provided LineHaul with the tools to have a completely automated operations flow. They also moved the office from 500 Higgins to Lolo, MT while they built LineHaul's new home at 1515 S Reserve in Missoula.

Yakima Satellite Office


Since the purchase by Schmauch and May, LineHaul Logistics has averaged $12 million in annual revenue, finishing 2022 with over $16 million and utilizing over 35 customers. The satellite office in Yakima, WA was started in July 2022 and is continuing to grow. With the new owners' vision and innovative approach, LineHaul Logistics has come a long way from its humble beginnings and continues to thrive in the transportation industry.

Published on 6/6/2023 (108 days ago)