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From Two Trucks to Eight: How LineHaul Logistics Partnered with God Grace Logistics for Rapid Growth


By Greg Brown
Vice President of Operations at Linehaul Logistics, Inc.
Feb 17, 2023

LineHaul Logistics, a freight brokerage in the United States, has been in partnership with God Grace Logistics, a trucking company, for just over two years. This partnership has been instrumental in the growth of God Grace Logistics from two trucks to eight trucks within the short period.

The partnership between the two companies has allowed them to leverage each other's expertise and resources to provide quality services to their clients. LineHaul Logistics, with its extensive knowledge of the trucking industry and exceptional organizational skills, has been instrumental in helping God Grace Logistics grow.

God Grace Logistics owner, Paras Dhawan, spoke about his experience working with LineHaul Logistics. He mentioned that LineHaul has an excellent understanding of the trucking industry and a high degree of professionalism, which makes it easy to work with them. He also noted that LineHaul has an impeccable degree of honesty, and they always strive to please their clients, making them an ideal partner for his business.

Paras also talked about how LineHaul Logistics helped his company grow from two trucks to eight trucks in just two years. This growth is a testament to the excellent services provided by LineHaul, which has helped God Grace Logistics attract more business and increase its profits.

LineHaul has provided God Grace Logistics with dedicated runs, paying better than market rates, which has allowed them to provide better services to their customers. LineHaul has also always paid on or before time, enabling God Grace Logistics to better manage its finances.

In conclusion, the partnership between LineHaul Logistics and God Grace Logistics has been a mutually beneficial one, with LineHaul helping God Grace Logistics grow from two to eight trucks in just two years. The success of this partnership is a testament to the importance of collaboration in the transportation industry and the benefits of working with a reliable and professional partner. The future of this partnership looks bright, and both companies are looking forward to continued growth and success.


Published on 3/10/2023 (1 years 95 days ago)